Some Things I Know Now That I Wish I Had Known Then

The following is a message from Summit Education Initiative Executive Director Derran Wimer. It appears in the July 2017 “Align & Engage” e-newsletter.

child on playgroundExperience is a good teacher. At least if the student is willing to reflect.

Here are a few things I learned along the way that had I known them earlier, they would have made me a better teacher, principal, coach, grown-up and parent:

  • The toughest students to teach are the ones who need us the most.
  • Kids don’t build bridges. Kids cross the bridges we build to them.
  • Lunch duty is where you can save kids. Find the one who sits alone.
  • It doesn’t take much extra work to reach a student.
  • Everyone likes to be invited. Personally invite a student to be part of something… anything that could positively impact their lives!
  • Don’t tell kids they have potential; structure opportunities for them to see it in themselves.
  • Building confidence comes from acting, not from thinking. Help kids take action.

And, last but not least: Working with kids is a gift to be cherished.