The Lens to Clarity

The following is a message from Summit Education Initiative Executive Director Derran Wimer. It appears in the January 2018 “Align & Engage” e-newsletter.

I had been looking through the same set of brown eyes my entire life. My whole world was greatly informed by what I viewed. Then one day, while fooling around with a bunch of my fellow teenaged buddies, I took one friend’s set of eyeglasses and put them on. Boom! I saw an entirely different world.

Akron Public Schools STEM Middle School student

Photo: Akron Public Schools

This new world had vivid colors and definition. It had clarity.  It was crisp around the edges. The trees actually had leaves. Off to the eye doctor I went. A few weeks later, I got my first pair of glasses. Now I could clearly see the writing on the chalkboard from the back of the room. I’d be able to read the eye chart for my upcoming driver’s exam. Most importantly, I could see a pitched baseball like never before.  Suddenly, I could hit the white pill that was speeding toward me. (Before glasses, there were lots of swings and misses from my batting position at the bottom of the order.) Soon after, I was elevated to the number three hitter because I could actually hit!

My glasses provided clarity to what already existed. I was able to perform better. Let SEI be the glasses. Let SEI be the lens to clarity. Let SEI help you have sharper definition about your students and their success trajectories. Let SEI help you, the dedicated teachers, administrators and caring adults “see” your students more clearly.

Data can be overwhelming. SEI tries to change data into information so that you can act on it. The more you can “see” or the more informed you are about the students, the better you can serve them. With SEI’s glasses, maybe you can move up in the batting order and hit a home run for your kids.