Three Es

Enrolled – DeKayla Bell

DeKayla Bell already envisions herself as a student at The University of Akron. The Buchtel Community Learning Center (CLC) senior will have 21 college credits under her belt upon graduating this spring. She completed her Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early and took practice ACT® tests throughout high school. Bell also spent her last four summer breaks participating in The University of Akron’s Law and Leadership Institute, an experience that influenced her interest in becoming an attorney in the future.


Enlisted – Isaiah Sears-Gooding

Isaiah Sears-Gooding remembers the first time he met Marines. “They made an impact on my life,” he says. Sears-Gooding, a Kenmore High School senior who decided to graduate from Akron Public Schools after moving several times during his childhood, had participated in an activity day after a week of testing in grade school. Marines helped coordinate this special day for students, which included snacks and games. “When I talked to the Marines during the event, they seemed professional; I liked their uniforms,” Sears-Gooding says. He recalls seeing similar uniforms in video games that depict combat on screens, but actually meeting Marines made Sears-Gooding realize just how real those situations can be.


Barberton High School Aligns With Three Es

After discussing soft skill and employee development with Summit Education Initiative (SEI), Barberton High School Assistant Principal Mike Andric felt inspired to incorporate those concepts into the curriculum. “We want all students to have a pathway to college, the workforce or military after graduation,” he says. “We try to present as many options as we can for each pathway.” At Barberton, borrowing SEI’s “Three Es” language – “Enrolled, Employed or Enlisted” – has expanded to a Senior Day. The high school hosted the first Senior Day for its nearly 260 seniors in fall 2016. Read more about the event in this post.