Readiness Coalitions

An Exciting Time for Early Childhood in Summit County

In January 2017, early childhood professionals gathered at Akron Civic Theatre to celebrate the successes of the TSS in a new way. The first TSS Kick-Off highlighted ways preschool teachers contribute to the bigger picture of early childhood education initiatives by participating in the TSS. This year, preschool directors and staff, elementary principals, kindergarten teachers and school district administrators returned to Akron Civic Theatre for an even bigger kick-off celebration on Thursday, Jan. 25. Read more about the event in this post.


Session Provides Road Map for Readiness Coalitions

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, elementary principals representing all Akron Public Schools’ clusters attended a Readiness Coalition Orientation Session at the Andrew Jackson House in Akron. Laura DiCola, Summit Education Initiative’s Early Childhood Strategy Leader, led the one-hour session to provide principals with important information, tools and a road map to support them with moving forward in forming a coalition.


Barberton Looks Forward to Early Childhood Readiness Fair

“If we expect more from students ages zero through five, we’ll see a much higher return on investment,” says Barberton City Schools Superintendent Patti Cleary. “On the whole, children are not ready for school upon entering kindergarten. That means by age five or six, many students are already behind.” One problem? Not enough children are going to preschool. “Summit Education Initiative (SEI)’s determination that only 37 percent of four-year-olds in Barberton are attending preschool was our ‘A-ha!’ moment,” Cleary says. Read more about Barberton’s school readiness efforts here.