The Lens to Clarity

“I had been looking through the same set of brown eyes my entire life. My whole world was greatly informed by what I viewed. Then one day, while fooling around with a bunch of my fellow teenaged buddies, I took one friend’s set of eyeglasses and put them on. Boom! I saw an entirely different world.” Read more from Executive Director Derran Wimer’s January 2018 “Align & Engage” message in this post.


Caspio and Summit Education Initiative Pave Road to Success for Students

Our data was being captured in different formats, usually spreadsheets, making it complex to interpret and difficult to secure, manage and publish the information. To address this challenge, we needed a solution to centralize our data collection efforts and allow our partners to easily access the data in a secure manner. Read about how Summit Education Initiative used Caspio, Inc.’s capabilities to streamline data collection and analysis.