back to school

Attendance Matters

The start of school is an excellent time to create strong routines to support your child’s early learning success. One of the most important things that parents can do for their children is to get them to school every day, and on time!  Children can’t benefit from learning opportunities when they aren’t in school. Read more about the importance of school attendance in this post.


Walking the Route

August is an exciting time full of new beginnings, new routines, lots of growth and – let’s face it – perhaps maybe even a few tears. (Usually from mom or dad!!). For youngsters just beginning to transition from home to school – or for those who are moving on to kindergarten, new buildings or new classrooms – its normal for this excitement to be mixed with a little anxiety as well. Read more from our Early Childhood Strategy Leader, Laura DiCola, in this message from the July 2017 “Prepared, Passionate & Persistent Parents” e-newsletter.