ACT practice test

Woodridge High School Students Get an Early Start

According to Principal Joel Morgan, Woodridge High School focuses on Summit Education Initiative (SEI)’s “Three Es” concept from students’ freshmen classes through senior year. “As a district, we’ve embraced the concept,” he says. “We are making sure students have what they need to succeed.” Forward thinking has saturated Woodridge Local Schools, as the “Three Es” represent a common theme among all buildings. Read more in this post.


Motivated by Student Success

952 and counting. Thanks to Summit Education Initiative (SEI), nearly 1,000 high school students in Summit County have more peace of mind regarding their potential ACT® score. This year, the Ohio Department of Education began paying for college readiness tests for all juniors at public schools in the state. Administrators may choose between the ACT® and SAT® test; all high schools in Summit County chose the ACT®.