Youth View® Survey

Student success is more than test scores and grades. The Youth View® Survey helps remind us of that.

The Youth View Survey is a validated social emotional survey developed by Summit Education Initiative (SEI) in 2012. The Youth View is an affordable solution to measure student achievement motivations, aspirations and school climate perceptions. It empowers teachers, school leaders and our out of school time partners (OSTPs) to develop a holistic understanding of the factors that lead to student success. Youth View logo

The survey is available in two versions; one for schools and one for OSTPs. The Youth View Survey for Schools is student-specific, and its results are reported at the student, classroom and building levels. The Youth View Survey for OSTPs is program-specific, and its results are anonymous and aggregated at the program level. Our focus on non-academic indicators helps students meet success in the classroom and beyond.

Click here to learn more about the Youth View Survey and to register to administer the survey. Visit the links below to view one-page PDFs with additional information about the Youth View.

What is the Youth View?

Youth View Validation & Norms

Youth View General Process