Preschool helps your child experience a strong start to school

Unsure where to begin looking for the right preschools for your child? Check out the links below to help you find the best preschool option for your child and his or her needs. Thanks to Summit Education Initiative’s (SEI) community partners, we have several resources to which we may connect you.

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CLASS® Act Scholars of Summit County

This is a new program that combines the CLassroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) with free coaching, mentoring and professional development for an exclusive group of 20 early educators working in Summit County preschools. For more information, visit

Early Childhood Ohio

Early Childhood Ohio ensures Ohio’s governance and administrative structures have the authority and responsibility to oversee, implement and coordinate state–funded or state–administered early childhood programs and services for children and their families. Its goals include: children have high quality early care and education supports and environments; children have supports and services to promote their comprehensive healthy development; and families have meaningful community and parenting supports. Visit the Early Childhood Ohio website for more information.

First Things First

In March 2009, Summit County Executive Russ Pry designated Summit County Family and Children First Council as the lead agency in developing a comprehensive early care and education system enhancement plan. This plan established First Things First, a child development project which strives to address system gaps and identify improvements needed to ensure young children in Summit County have the greatest opportunity for positive physical and mental health, early learning and developmental outcomes. Visit the First Things First website for more information on how you can help your young student succeed.

Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

An affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ODA) provides state and national resources for kids. The programs ODA provides include Kids Eat Right, Children’s Hunger Alliance, Let’s Move and many more. Visit the ODA website for more information on ways its programs can benefit your child.

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Readiness Coalition Meetings

School districts across Summit County are organizing community conversations on early learning and school readiness called “Readiness Coalitions.” Individuals working with young children in schools, preschools and other settings typically gather at quarterly Readiness Coalition meetings in their district. Visit our Readiness Coalition Meetings webpage for dates and more details.

Resources for Early Childhood

The Resources for Early Childhood (REC) project is a collaboration between the Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading and the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning and School Readiness. The REC website seeks to support Ohio’s early childhood teachers, parents, teachers of early childhood and inclusive classroom teachers, and children by providing peer-reviewed, web-based resources to assist with instructional planning, professional learning and the implementation of the Ohio early learning standards for mathematics, science, English language arts and social studies. Learn more on the REC website.


Research suggests there are 16 pre-academic skills each child should learn and understand to begin kindergarten ready for success. We call these skills the “16 For SUCCESS.” Through the First Things First initiative, SEI created two materials to educate parents and child care providers about these 16 skills. Those materials include:

State of Ohio

Visit the State of Ohio’s website for links to help you find child care or afford child care, as well as links to immunization requirements, preschool vision screening guidelines and more.


State Support Team 8 (SST 8), which supports school improvement efforts in Summit, Portage and Medina counties, works to close achievement gaps for students with disabilities and all other under-performing groups by helping them develop efficient, effective systems and processes, and by supporting use of research-based instructional practices. SST 8 offers professional development opportunities, networks and technical assistance for all districts and community schools in the three-county region, with a focus on early learning and school readiness, systemic school improvement/Ohio Improvement Process, inclusive instructional practices, multi-tiered systems of support (including Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) and special education. Visit the SST 8 website to learn more.

Summit County Preschool

The Summit County Preschool is a partnership with families, districts and communities that creates a lifetime of learning through meaningful play experiences, creative thinking and problem solving opportunities to build a foundation essential to the unique development of each and every child. Preschool programs are offered to children at economic disadvantage or educational risk, children typically developing and children with disabilities. To learn more, visit the Summit County Preschool page on the Summit County Educational Service Center website.

Transition Skills SummaryTSS preschool to kindergarten Logo

The Summit County Transition Skills Summary (TSS) is a common developmental report card that can be used to measure development on 47 different skills at the end of preschool. Preschools, parents and receiving kindergarten programs receive reports on readiness levels of children each spring as they transition from preschool into kindergarten. For more information on the TSS, visit SEI’s website. You may also refer to the reports below: