Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers

Looking for ways to get more involved with your child’s education? Help your son or daughter experience a healthy start to his or her education by visiting the links below. Thanks to Summit Education Initiative’s (SEI) community partners, we have several resources to which we may connect you.

Autism Speaks

Does your preschool-age child have autism or autism spectrum disorder? Autism Speaks’ website provides resources that can help you find the right preschool for your child.

Birth to Kindergarten Transition Skills Summary Project

The three Transition Skills Strategies that are being targeted to support children’s transition to kindergarten include rhyming, comparing quantities and social problem solving. Through the First Birth to Kindergarten Transition Skills Summary logoThings First initiative, SEI created informational items to help parents practice those skills with their children. Those items include:

  • A bookmark that encourages parents to talk to their children about how they are feeling
  • A magnet that lists math-related words parents should use around their children during each stage of early development
  • Key chain tags with nursery rhymes
  • A brochure that explains each strategy in focus and why each is important
E-Newsletter – Prepared, Passionate & Persistent Parents

SEI envisions a community in which parents feel empowered to make positive differences in the lives of their children. The purpose of SEI’s “Prepared, Passionate & Persistent Parents” e-newsletter is to increase communication about the importance of parent engagement in the life of a child. Click on the links below to read previous editions of the e-newsletter. Click on the button below to sign-up to receive the e-newsletter.

Imagination Library

Through the United Way of Summit County’s Imagination Library, children receive a free book through the mail each month. All children from birth to age 5 are eligible to participate. Register your child on United Way’s website.

young studentOhio Help Me Grow

Ohio Help Me Grow’s website provides parents with the information and resources they need to make the best choices for their family. From pregnancy and breastfeeding, to immunization and safety-injury prevention, Ohio Help Me Grow connects you to several resources that support your child’s healthy development.

Out of School Time Partner Searchable Database

If you’re looking for out of school time partners in which your child may participate, visit our Out of School Time Partner Searchable Database. You may choose criteria that applies to your needs that helps you select out of school time partner organizations and/or programs for your child.


Research suggests there are 16 pre-academic skills each child should learn and understand to begin kindergarten ready for success. We call these skills the “16 For SUCCESS.” Through the First Things First initiative, SEI created two materials to educate parents and child care providers about these 16 skills. Those materials include:

State of Ohio

Visit the State of Ohio’s website for links to sites and resources for kids, on topics including Ohio history, safety education, recycling and conservation, as well as activities, games and coloring books.


State Support Team 8 (SST 8), which supports school improvement efforts in Summit, Portage and Medina counties, offers educational opportunities for families so they can become active participants in their child’s educational career. The work of SST 8 includes providing technical assistance and support to families of children with disabilities. Visit the SST 8 website for more resources and information. teacher reading with child


Check out Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) to learn about their programs and how they help families get their children ready for kindergarten. SPARK programs focus on building reading, language and social skills and seek to create a seamless transition into school for preschool-age children.


Every parent has what it takes to be a brain builder. Vroom turns shared moments into brain building moments by providing parents and caregivers with ways to boost early learning. Visit Vroom’s website to get the tools.