Projects benefit from recent funding

Summit Education Initiative (SEI) appreciates the support we receive from local businesses and organizations in Summit County. We thank Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) and Martha Holden Jennings Foundation for their most recent financial contributions to SEI:


AMHA_colorIn June 2016, AMHA staff designated the proceeds they raised during casual Fridays to SEI. Employees donated a few dollars each time they chose to wear jeans on Fridays throughout the month.

SEI partners with AMHA, specifically to support its Early Childhood Initiative (ECI). Through ECI programs, AMHA provides high-quality early care and education to the 3,000 children under age 5 living in AMHA housing. The programs maximize scare resources to work directly with children and their caregivers and also link families to community resources.

AMHA’s donation will support SEI’s Cradle to Career Continuum by helping us provide resources to families to better prepare their children for kindergarten.

Martha Holden Jennings FoundationMartha_Holden_Jennings_final

SEI received funding from Martha Holden Jennings Foundation to support the creation and development of the Rubber City Math Teachers’ Circle. The funding also covers start-up costs associated with the project, such as training and supplies.

You may read more about the Math Teachers’ Circle here.