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Fiscal Year 2016 Organization Investors

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Fiscal Year 2016 Individual Investors

Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority Staff

Mary Anne Beiting

Nicholas V. Browning

Tommy Bruno

Russell A. Chaboudy

Dr. Susan G. Clark, PhD

Daniel Colantone

The Rebecca D. and William H. Considine Family Fund of Akron Community Foundation

Belinda C. Cox

David E. Custodio, MD

Dr. Matthew D. Deevers, PhD

Andrew Duff

Alan Ederer

Leonard M. Foster

Ramona Hood

David W. James

David C. Jennings

Kimberly Liston

Christine Marshall

Phillip P. Martucci

Christine A. Mayer

Nancy Ellis McClenaghan

Ellen McWilliams-Woods

Amy S. Polk

Russell M. Pry*

Robert P. Reffner

Lindsay M. Ridinger

Kaye M. Rowe

Mark Scheffler

Evan M. Scocos

Dr. William M. Sherman, PhD

Kirstin S. Toth

Amanda L. Walker

Richelle M. Wardell

Derran K. Wimer