The Pursuit of Personal Prosperity

When your book bag is one of your heaviest burdens, it’s not necessarily a walk in the playground to understand the financial responsibilities of adults. But Akron Public Schools provides an opportunity for high school sophomores to approach that matter – before their school days end upon graduation. It’s fittingly called Reality Check, and it’s a program Akron Public Schools has executed in several schools for 11 years. READ MORE»

GAR Foundation Seeks Presenters for Annual Conference

GAR Foundation's Annual Educator Conference, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016, brings together K-12 educators from Summit County to provide teachers and schools with innovative strategies for student engagement and success. For the 2016 conference, GAR Foundation is designing talks and sessions to focus on ways educators can reinvigorate their practice to drive student success. GAR Foundation is looking for presenters to share ways a successful program, practice or key issue related to classroom instruction can elevate teachers and drive student success. READ MORE»

New initiative hopes to create stronger workforce in Summit County

This story from The Akronist explains how Conexus, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting talent development in Summit County, will help pull together public, private, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations to strengthen the connection between companies and job-seekers. The organization, formerly Summit Workforce Solutions, celebrated its new identity earlier this week, along with Akron and Summit County officials, educational and nonprofit leaders, and other key players in local workforce development. Conexus is a community partner of SEI. READ MORE»