Brain Building Opportunities are Just Warming Up

Some of my sweetest childhood memories are of long, lazy summertime days spent with my sister. We spent endless hours outside with the neighbor kids, playing kick ball and hopscotch, jumping rope and camping out in our backyard. Little did we know that we were building important social emotional skills through this kind of play. Read more from Laura DiCola in this post. READ MORE»

‘Spot It’ Game Tests Math Teachers’ Problem Solving Skills

During the 2016 - 2017 school year's last Rubber City Math Teachers' Circle meeting on Thursday, May 18, attendees joined discussions and problem-solving activities related to the game "Spot It!" More than 30 teachers, university professors and school leaders participated. Read more about Math Teachers' Circles here. READ MORE»

‘Students’ Get Taste of Success or Failure on Education Path

About 15 Cleveland Clinic Akron General employees took part in the Cradle to Career Experience during Akron General’s Tony Gorant Community Leadership Institute — some as students moving along a path of red or green dots on the floor toward prosperity or hardship, some as advocates for the students, some as observers. The student portrayers were given profiles — some started out on track, others were behind their peers. Read more in this May 5, 2017 edition, front page story from Akron Beacon Journal. READ MORE»

Exploring Movement Beyond the Classroom

In Kaitlin Benner’s preschool classroom, crab walking, wheelbarrow racing and Army crawling is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, all are encouraged. When Benner taught kindergarten students, she noticed many students arrived to her classroom unprepared to tackle certain academic activities, such as writing and coloring. As she transitioned to preschool, Benner developed activities to supplement students' learning in the classroom to build their motor skills. READ MORE»