Cradle to Career Projects Benefit from Funding

Summit Education Initiative (SEI) appreciates the Glenn R. & Alice V. Boggess Memorial Foundation, the W. Paul & Thora J. Mills Memorial Foundation, the Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation, the Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation and the Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation for their most recent financial contributions to SEI.  READ MORE»

Motivated by Student Success

952 and counting. Thanks to Summit Education Initiative (SEI), nearly 1,000 high school students in Summit County have more peace of mind regarding their potential ACT® score. This year, the Ohio Department of Education began paying for college readiness tests for all juniors at public schools in the state. Administrators may choose between the ACT® and SAT® test; all high schools in Summit County chose the ACT®. READ MORE»

When Creativity Meets Civility

Students from St. Vincent de Paul Parish School, Eastwoods Elementary School and Proyecto RAICES won cash prizes for the videos they submitted to the #ThisCityVotes16/Joy of Voting video contest. We thank those who participated! Read the list of all winners - and click links to some of their video submissions - in this post. READ MORE»

The Educational Attainment Needle

We don't have to do anything for the needle to move the wrong way. That's actually the best way for the needle to go the wrong way: don't do anything! But if we want the educational attainment needle to move in the right direction, it takes work. It takes collective, purposeful, aligned, steady and consistent work. Read more in this post from Executive Director Derran Wimer. READ MORE»