Investors Give Back to Summit Education Initiative

Investors’ grants help support several educational projects in Summit County

Summit Education Initiative appreciates the support we receive from local businesses and organizations in Summit County. We thank the following investors who have made financial contributions to Summit Education Initiative in January 2016:

FirstMerit Bank

Funding FirstMerit Bank recently provided will benefit the two-week intensive program Summit Education Initiative’s Early Childhood Education Team and FirstMerit Bank logo
First Things First’s Early Care and Education Committee supports to better prepare young students for kindergarten. Summit Education Initiative collaborates with Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) to coordinate the program in select Summit County schoolsGreenleaf Family Center operates the Summit County SPARK Program.


KeyBank investor logoTo support our efforts in encouraging college applicants to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), KeyBank has donated funds to Summit Education Initiative. The funds will provide materials that help us promote information about the FAFSA and its completion process to Summit County students applying for college, as well as their parents. Through social media posts, magazine advertisements, newspaper announcements, Ohio College Goal Sunday event promotion and more, we hope to encourage all college applicants living in Summit County to complete the FAFSA and determine whether they apply for free financial aid that benefits further education.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank investor logoTo further support Summit Education Initiative’s Kindergarten Readiness strategies along the Cradle to Career Continuum, PNC Bank provided funding to help promote the Transition Skills Summary (TSS) project and 16 for Success. Summit Education Initiative collaborates with First Things First to build each program and educate Summit County families on the programs’ messages and importance to young students’ educations.

Welty Family Foundation

The Welty Family Foundation recently provided Summit Education Initiative with funding to support any of our projects implemented along the Cradle to Career Continuum. Our six strategy teams collaborate throughout each year to develop ways Summit Education Initiative’s efforts may benefit the strategies we follow for each indicator within a student’s education. Cradle to Career Continuum