College & Career Readiness

college & career readinessAfter high school, students follow a variety of pathways into adulthood. Our goal is to prepare students for success in any career or college pathway they choose. For most pathways, the skills needed for success are similar. We have three strategies in our college and career readiness work.

All students graduate from high school with a plan to be employed, enrolled or enlisted. Currently, about 69 percent of Summit County high school graduates enroll in post-secondary programs within one year of high school graduation. Of those students who enroll, about 85 percent return for a second year of college or technical school. We do not currently have a system to measure which students enlist in government service, and which students enter into full time employment. Our Ready High School Network team is discussing how we can better collect and analyze data from multiple sources to promote student success.

All students who plan to attend college after high school will complete a FAFSA. Each year, hundreds of students miss out on financial aid and scholarship opportunities because they don’t fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or they wait too long to complete it. Our goal is to have every student who is accepted to a post-secondary program complete a FAFSA before graduation.

Increase the proportion of students who earn a “college ready” score on college placement tests. Regardless of whether students enroll, enlist or seek full time employment, the level of skills they need to meet with success are the same. All students need strong math, reading and problem-solving skills as they enter adulthood. In 2015, about 41 percent of all Summit County high school graduates earned a college-ready score on a placement test. Our goal is to increase college readiness rates to at least 50 percent by 2020.

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