Financial Support Benefits Data Exchange

Multi-year funding allows Summit County schools to collect valuable data

Summit Education Initiative (SEI) appreciates the support we receive from foundations, local businesses and organizations in Summit County. We thank Sisler McFawn Foundation for its most recent financial contribution to SEI.

Photo: Akron Public Schools

Photo: Akron Public Schools

For the third year in a row, Sisler McFawn Foundation has awarded SEI funding to provide Summit County schools access to the National Student Clearinghouse┬«‘s data exchange services. The higher education community founded National Student Clearinghouse in 1993 to relieve administrative burdens and costs related to student data reporting and exchange. This nonprofit and nongovernmental organization is the leading provider of educational reporting, data exchange, verification and research services.

“National Student Clearinghouse delivers one of the highest returns out of all the tools to which we have access to track data,” says Dr. Matthew Deevers, senior research associate at SEI. “It helps us turn data into actionable information.”

Because most schools in Summit County participate in National Student Clearinghouse, SEI has expanded the role and involvement of its Ready High School Network, which meets on a quarterly basis. The data and a deeper understanding of post-secondary situations allow SEI to further partner with high schools at different levels. Data from National Student Clearinghouse also help high schools shape policies and practices to better prepare students for high school graduation and persistence in college.