Employed – Dazzle Miller

Finding stability in the workforce

Because his family moved five times, establishing a manageable routine was simply not easy during most of Dazzle Miller’s childhood.

But Miller persisted until he landed an internship last summer that introduced him to a steady working environment.

Dazzle Miller, Akron Public Schools senior

Dazzle Miller, East Community Learning Center senior

Miller, a senior at East Community Learning Center (CLC), had joined the All-Akron Student Engineering Program, which partners with GPD Group to place students in three-week-long, part-time internship positions. For Miller, that internship has extended through this school year.

“It’s interesting, working in an office,” Miller says. “Many people say they’re nervous to begin working after high school, but this experience has helped eliminate that factor for me.”

Miller attends Akron Public Schools’ Stark PASS program classes at East CLC on weekday mornings, and then he catches a bus to GPD Group to work in the office from noon until 5 p.m. Although his responsibilities include basic tasks, he sees this experience leading his path to a successful future.

“This opportunity has allowed me to look into what I really want to do after graduation,” Miller says, adding he is saving money so attending college after working one or two years is an option. For now, he plans to continue working at GPD Group upon receiving his diploma.

“Although college is not for everyone, it’s important to push yourself, no matter what you decide to do,” Miller says. “I can see how going to college can definitely help you grow intellectually.”

In addition to building time management skills in a fun atmosphere, Miller has also gained friends during his experience at GPD Group so far.

“It’s more like working with your family than for a business,” he explains, adding five other students from Portage Lakes Career Center have the same internship. “What’s most exciting is how much our co-workers and mentors are willing to do for us, if we put the effort in. This has been an amazing opportunity.”