Employed and Enlisted Cards Provide Advice for Students

Ready High School Network members received new rack cards last month

Top 5 Qualities of a Job CandidateSummit Education Initiative (SEI) printed two new rack cards this fall to complete its “Enrolled, Employed or Enlisted” collection. Now, students in Summit County who are interested in becoming employed or enlisting in the military after high school graduation also have tip cards for each option. High schools involved with SEI’s Ready High School Network received bundles of these cards at their October meeting.

The “Employed” card lists the “Top 5 Qualities of a Job Candidate” on the front, while the back of the card lists several questions students may consider asking the interviewer when they are seeking jobs. Students who would like to enlist in the military may use the front of the “Enlisted” card to learn more about the process and requirements. Important terms recruits may encounter during this process are listed on the back of the card, along with their definitions.