Cradle to Career Experience Westward Bound

SEI selected to present during StriveTogether’s largest event

During this year’s Cradle to Career Network Convening in Phoenix, Arizona, a few students (personas) will join Summit Education Initiative (SEI) staff in the spotlight.

Ready High School Network during Cradle to Career Experience

Ready High School Network members participate in the Cradle to Career Experience at Quaker Square in April 2017.

StriveTogether selected SEI to present the Cradle to Career Experience as an effective community engagement tool at its convening this October. Attendees from more than 70 network partnerships will either experience or witness the journeys of students such as “Adam,” “Bella,” “Cody,” “Daphne” and “Freddy” as they make their ways closer to prosperity or hardship. “Advocates” from the audience will learn ways they may intervene to make those students’ educational paths a bit easier and more successful.

SEI will also share ideas for delivering the presentation to partner organizations and local business employees, as well as for using the experience to encourage community members to volunteer.

“We hope our presentation inspires attendees from all over the country to create engaging opportunities for their local residents, workforce and partners,” says Dr. Matthew Deevers, senior research associate and Cradle to Career Experience presenter.

“Developing an informative, interactive method for communicating the importance of community engagement as a way to lift up the lives of our youngest residents has been exciting for SEI,” adds Executive Director Derran Wimer. “We want others to feel empowered to create similar tools for increasing involvement and volunteerism within schools and organizations working with children.”

In the meantime, Summit County organizations may sign-up to host the Cradle to Career Experience for their employees or community members by visiting our website.

The Hyatt Regency in Phoenix will host the Cradle to Career Network Convening Oct. 3 through Oct. 5. On an annual basis, more than 400 people attend this event, which features content sessions focused on concrete ideas and tools on how to move partnerships’ work further faster in their communities. Registration opens in June 2017.