Community Goal

Community Goal

The social and emotional aspects of students’ lives have a significant impact on their success. So we encourage many different people outside the classroom to work together to support students. We’re rallying community leaders, youth organizations and families to the cause, showing them how to work individually – and as partners – to keep students excited and motivated about learning.

The Social Justice Proposition

In the United States, geography, income and race often influence opportunities for success in school and life. This is why former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, among other politicians, often referred to education as “the civil rights issue of our time.” At Summit Education Initiative (SEI), we are  committed to identifying and addressing achievement and opportunity gaps where they exist. We know the only way to increase the prosperity of our region is to support the success of every individual student, from cradle to career.

A social justice perspective can lead to challenging conversations. Since 2015, we have disaggregated data to identify whether differences in outcomes exist based on students’ district of residence, ethnicity or gender. We also use predictive modeling to identify areas of concern in the future. 

At SEI, we believe that the power to predict future outcomes through data also carries a responsibility to improve those outcomes through collaborative effort. We work with professionals in challenged communities to identify policies, programs and practices that increase student success. We then work to share these best practices across the county, so that all students have access to the supports they need to succeed.

For our most current educational outcome data, visit our Scorecard page here. Notice the achievement gaps listed along the bottom of our 2016 Report on Educational Attainment in Summit County, as well as how many students we are away from reaching our goal in each category.