Community Goal

Community Goal

The social and emotional aspects of students’ lives have a significant impact on their success. So we encourage many different people outside the classroom to work together to support students. We’re rallying community leaders, youth organizations and families to the cause, showing them how to work individually – and as partners – to keep students excited and motivated about learning.

The Economic Value Proposition

There really is a “silver bullet” to regional prosperity. It is educational attainment.

Some people state there is no silver bullet when they refer to economic development, poverty, unemployment, property blight, the declining middle class and other economic woes. We argue that the closest thing you will ever get to a silver bullet is educational attainment.

educational attainmentCompetition for jobs and economic growth is fierce in many cities across the country. For cities to prosper and provide residents with opportunities to achieve personal advancement and stability, their officials and supporters must focus on educational attainment. It’s no secret that education and income go hand in hand.

The top half of the most educated populations in the U.S. reside in 80 percent of counties in the top half per capita income levels. Only 20 percent of the counties with less educated populations have been able to establish themselves among the top half in per capita income. Without an educated workforce, it is difficult to compete in a global economy.

That is why Summit Education Initiative and the community has set the bold goal of achieving 48,000 degrees and high-value credentials in Summit County by 2025. Just by increasing the percentage of Summit County residents earning an associate’s degree or higher from 38 percent to 50 percent will help create an economic engine that will continue to accelerate our community.