The Educational Attainment Needle

We don’t have to do anything for the needle to move the wrong way. That’s actually the best way for the needle to go the wrong way: don’t do anything! But if we want the educational attainment needle to move in the right direction, it takes work. It takes collective, purposeful, aligned, steady and consistent work. Read more in this post from Executive Director Derran Wimer.


Father Realizes His Potential

Not only did Project Learn of Summit County help Doug Kirchner re-visit academics to earn a diploma – years after his high school classmates walked across the stage – but also the organization helped him learn more about himself. Read more about how he earned his GED, enrolled in college and found employment related to his studies.


Lighting the SPARK for Education

Kindergarten readiness is important – beyond the first day of school. That’s why several teachers in Summit County chose to serve students during the Get Ready for School program this summer. Get Ready for School is a program of Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) – a free, family-focused kindergarten readiness program to help 3- and 4-year-old children get ready for kindergarten. Learn more in this post.