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Recognition for Summit Education Initiative

Read more about several ways Summit Education Initiative has received special recognition below:



SEI is an active, “Sustaining” member of the StriveTogether Network.  This is a network of 60+ communities working to increase educational attainment through collective impact strategies. SEI is classified as an “emerging” community due to its innovative work with data and network teams to drive improvement. SEI staff members have presented at numerous regional and national StriveTogether conferences and also at affiliated organizations such as The Data Quality Campaign and The Institute for Higher Education Policy.



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Akron, Ohio, is in the second cohort of Lumina Foundation‘s community-based post-secondary education attainment strategy. The strategy was designed to help communities and regions dramatically increase the number of local residents with post-secondary credentials. The collaborative effort connects 35 participating cities with significant technical and planning assistance, data tools, flexible funding and the ability to customize attainment plans that will best suit each community’s needs and the well-being of its residents. SEI’s College Attainment Team is working to help mobilize all sectors in Summit County to improve post-secondary attainment, which supports Lumina’s goal of increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certifications and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. To support Lumina’s national effort, Akron and Summit County’s goal is to achieve 48,000 more degrees and high value career credentials by 2025.



SEI was featured in FirstMerit’s summer 2015  issue of  “MeritMatters”.  FirstMerit is an SEI business partner supporting our work through grant funding and also through the personal efforts of SEI Board Chair and FirstMerit President Nicholas Browning. In summer 2015, FirstMerit funded “Get Ready for Kindergarten” programs in five Akron Public elementary schools. The two-week intensive primer for children about to enter kindergarten was delivered by another  high-quality SEI partner SPARK, which is sponsored by Greenleaf Family Center.  The children of Akron benefit through these collaborative partnerships.



SEI was featured in April, 2015 issue of Smart Business. This article not only highlighted the collaborative and impressive work of SEI but also how data is informing the work at all points along the Cradle to Career continuum.