48,000 Degrees by 2025 in Summit County

The following is a message from Summit Education Initiative Executive Director Derran Wimer. It appears in the November 2017 “Align & Engage” e-newsletter.

We are on our way toward 48,000 new degrees and high-value career credentials by 2025! We are on our way to making Summit County a more educated community.

Why does that matter?

Photo: Akron Public Schools

When we are more educated as a community, household income increases, per capita income rises, unemployment drops, teen pregnancy is less frequent, crime rates decrease, drug and alcohol addiction rates drop, voting participation increases, the number of children living in poverty decreases… and it just gets better for our entire community.

In fact, if we attain the 48,000 degrees by 2025, Summit County will climb to the top 10 percent of urban core counties in the country in terms of educational attainment rates. This will launch us in to the company of counties that are growing and thriving economically and growing in population. Everyone benefits when more people are educated to the level where they can attain employment, which leads to a family-supporting career.

That is why we are asking you to endorse our community goal of “48,000 Degrees by 2025.” All you have to do is complete our online endorsement form, and your name will appear on our 48,000 Degrees webpage. You will also receive a window decal to show your support. If you are able to speak for your organization, then you can also endorse the goal both individually and for your organization. It is important to get the word out across our community. We appreciate your help!