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Our Story

In 1994 Summit Education Initiative (SEI), originally called Summit Education Partnership, started with a committed group of citizens and community leaders who wanted to create an organization that would support educators across the county to improve student achievement.


Our Mission

We strive to improve personal and regional prosperity by increasing educational attainment so that students graduate ready for success in their chosen career pathways


Our Strategic Plan

SEI has a three year, rolling strategic plan that incorporates our operational, aspirational, and fund development goals. The plan maps broad community educational attainment goals and related strategies. The strategic plan is annually reviewed and updated by the Board of Directors.


Their success is our success.

Cradle to Career Alliance Leading Indicators of Success

Together, we can help every student graduate prepared to follow a career pathway that leads to a living wage. We organize collective, community-wide efforts at significant education milestones for greater impact. This is the ambitious work of Summit Education Initiative: to help all students meet high standards needed for the demands of the future. This is our vision for student success in Summit County. Every student. Every day. Cradle to career. Learn more »

They are our future


  • Cleveland Clinic Akron General employees

    ‘Students’ Get Taste of Success or Failure on Education Path

    About 15 Cleveland Clinic Akron General employees took part in Cradle to Career during Akron General’s Tony Gorant Community Leadership Institute — some as students moving along a path of red or green dots on the floor toward prosperity or hardship, some as advocates for the students, some as observers. The student portrayers were given profiles — some started out on track, others were behind their peers. Read more in this May 5, 2017 edition, front page story from Akron Beacon Journal.

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  • The Educational Attainment Needle

    We don’t have to do anything for the needle to move the wrong way. That’s actually the best way for the needle to go the wrong way: don’t do anything! But if we want the educational attainment needle to move in the right direction, it takes work. It takes collective, purposeful, aligned, steady and consistent work. Read more in this post from Executive Director Derran Wimer.

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